Infurn the fraudulent furniture seller. claims to be a furniture seller based in the UK. They are, however, a fraudulent internet scam. Hundreds of unhappy customers have reported their fraudulent activities on the review website

Trustpilot does not allow accusations, and Infurn can remove reviews they do not approve of based on this fact.

This website has been created to highlight the fact that this supposed company is an internet fraud. They do not have any furniture to sell, they will delay and delay your order for months (in what they call their “contracted period of 34 weeks”). When these 34 weeks have passed, you will still not have received your product, and they will stop communicating with you.

Their positive reviews are practically only from customers buying a BigBoy bean bag chair. This is probably the one product they actually do sell, allowing their ponzi-like scheme to continue.

Go to the website and read about the “company” for yourself. Do not order anything from this site, you will regret it.


95 thoughts on “Infurn the fraudulent furniture seller.

  1. INFURN = FRAUD – about my so called order AU-109882
    I ordered a Charles Le Corbusier Canape in black leather in December 2011, for which Infurn took the full sum of 1499,00 euro from my account on 14 December 2011 via Visa transfer. Following the money transfer I immediately received an email with log in details to track my order. I learned that the seat would be delivered the week of 19 April 2012. But then the delivery was postponed to September 2012, then it was postponed to November 2012.
    The information on Designfurn ‘delivery times’ states that delivery may vary between 12 and 18 weeks and in the event of unexpected high volumes sales delivery my extend from 2 to 4 weeks.
    I have tried to telephone at +44 2088167194 dozens of times but it is impossible to get through. I have sent messages through the online form of your company but never got any reaction.
    I realized there was something wrong. I had taken screenshots from each of the postponed dates. I sent a registered letter with all my documents to Infurn, but I got no reaction to my letter.
    Then I discovered Infurn installed this ‘call me’ service on their website. ‘Pooja’ called – in Dutch – what a service. This was the first phone call of a range: Pooja kept coming with new excuses – problems with the management, but now that had been solved; problems with the production, but now that had been solved; problems with the supplier, but now they found a new one; problems with the shipment; problems with the container that was damaged; problems with IT service so the refund could not be transferred. Pooja promised me on November 27 the refund would be done within 30 days. Pooja and I had email communication about this. But no refund came.
    On yet another phone call they told me they did not have my account information, but when I got angry they suddenly found it. They sent me an email with my correct account information and the confirmation they would refund the money. This was January 9, 2013: Ter bevestiging. Zoals afgesproken , zal ik vandaag de betalings verzoek opnieuw indienen. We zullen deze z.s.m afhandelen. Fijne dag.
    I submitted a complaint at the Ministry of Economy on February 11, 2013 and another one at the Ministry of Economy, department Furniture on February 21 2013. I will not give up. I want my money back from these low-level fraud people.
    I am very well connected with the media. I plan to take this to any consumer program and organization that I find.
    This Infurn fraude has to be stopped!

    • I had a problem with them recently, made a purchase of a stock item and was told it wouldn’t ship for months. I was able to get in touch with someone in New York. His name is Charlie Gonzalez, 1-646-561-3202. He sent me an email confirming my canceled order and said that I should receive a refund within 30 days. It took so long because the “company is in Europe.” I have no idea why that is relevant. I contacted my credit card company, waited 30 days, and when no refund came, the credit card company got to work and I got a full refund.


      Dear INFURN affected , we are a group of affected people that we are organizing to file lawsuits against INFURN in countries,
      All who know how difficult can be to get your money returned by INFURN We inform you that WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO A FINANCIAL COMPENSATION FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT , although as INFURN people say when they call , “in our terms & conditions within a maximum of delivery is 18 weeks, ”
      We have the right to INFURN us back more than the amount we paid for the purchase of goods that never got is why we are creating this group to sue for breach of contract.
      To qualify for such legal actions against INFURN need to write an email to the following address : with :
      – Name of the person who purchased
      – Contact phone number of the person who committed
      – Country in which you buy
      – Precise time that has passed since he bought the property, such time must be greater than 15 weeks to take action against INFURN
      – Invoice Amount

      What we do is :
      – Organize the claims by country
      – Appoint an spokesperson in every country to help us manage the actions locally
      – An attorney will contact the spokesperson in each country to start looking for more detailed information
      – Act !

      We understand that many of us do not have time and end these companies play with our money !
      We ask you NOT ACCEPT A PART OF INFURN COMPENSATION FOR YOUR NEXT PURCHASE, INFURN should refund our money + compensation for the damage caused by such delay

      We are organized , organized under the law act …

      Affected by INFURN Committee

      • fantastic, well done I am in and will send the email.
        Coincidentially my email I was using to order the furniture was hacked within weeks of ordering. I am concerned that selling furniture might not be the only way they will commit fraud. I would recommend everyone to cancel the credit card they have ordered the furniture on and change passwords on emails.

      • I’m in too. Been waiting since July last year for a refund on a coffee table that never existed. I’ve emailed you my details, look forward to hearing from you. Kris

      • Same here Kris …Nothing but a huge scam ,we paid £995 for a sofa last November….several email with yet another delay, still nothing DO NOT BUY this company does NOT exist !!!!! Now taking action with our bank to claim our money back ..

      • Chris / Charlotte,

        I have not had a response from this since I first emailed them nearly two weeks ago. Look me up on FB or LinkedIn and send me a friend request. I email you all the letters I have sent to politicians and advise of other steps I took to get my money back. Don’t give in to these fraudsters.

      • I am a Spaniard victim of the same kind of fraud as others reported here. I bought a lamp from Infurn 11/5/2013 and I am still waiting for the delivery,after several unanswered emails. This bastards need to be stoped ,but as today their webpage is fully operative and they keep robbing innocent people. I´ve already sent thwe requested information to join the people who have decided to stop this gangsters.

      • I purchased on infurn .com april17 2013 4 grant featherson chairs and paid by visa over 750 euro the delivery time changed 8 times most recently to week of 26th may 2014 I made numerous call and sent numerous emails to no avail as the people who I spoke too hadn’t a clue still waiting 13months later I have contacted European consumer affairs I also contacted my bank but they will not refund as time has expired

      • I ordered several pieces of furniture my order numbers Are cw33 &cw8 my order was placed sept 22/2013…….I have been informed the company is insolvent , the web site is still live….

    • Well done! I placed an order and cancelled it in the same day (after reading the review). That was in early October 2013. They do not answer my emails or answer the telephone, and they do not contact me. Do you have any telephone number that I can use? Maybe we should report Infurn to Watch dog.

      • I tried the phone number they have listed …surprise a dead line !!!!! I have reported the company to the bank to claim our money back £995

    • Jeanne
      i am also a victin of infurn and i am located in italy, let me know if i can join you in the fight, the company is headquartered in the UK and by joining force we can maybe have an effect..

      • Hello
        Another scam victim….I placed the order November 2nd 2013, several emails to say there would be a further delay !!!! Nothing .This is now in the hands of the bank… Scam company

      • Jeanne,you just have to go back in your reading of this posts and fill the information requested to join in. Please do.

    • Infurn Ltd. and Infurn Holdings have recently made an application to Companies House to STRIKE OFF! Anybody who is owed money by Infurn must immediately OBJECT to the action by filling in the relevant form available from Company House website. Do it NOW or you could lose all your money. If you are overdue your refund you MUST immediately file a small claim via It will only cost you a few pound and you could stop the directors being able to WIND-UP their fraudulent company before they have paid you what they OWE you. Do it now or say goodbye to your money. Do the research and act.

      “Recently Filed Documents
      22 available
      11 Mar 2014First notification of strike-off action in London Gazette (Section 1000) GAZ1”

      • Is my claim suitable for Money Claim Online (MCOL)?
        Types of claim you can make online
        If you are issuing your claim using MCOL it must be:
         for a fixed amount of money less than £100,000
         against no more than two defendants (people or organisations)
         served to a defendant or defendant(s) with an address in England or Wales
        What you need to make an online claim
        To make a claim online, you need to have:
         a valid credit or debit card to pay the court fees
         an address in the United Kingdom
         an email address
         regular access to a computer and the internet
        You should also read the system requirements on the next page.
        What you cannot do using MCOL
        You cannot use MCOL if you are:
         under 18 years old
         eligible for legal aid, or are eligible for fee exemption or remission
         making a claim for compensation for an accident or injury
         prevented by the court from making claims because you are a ‘vexatious litigant’
        (someone who uses court cases to harass other people.

        So the answer unfortunately is no. Try writing to your European member of parliament and demand that they make the relevant authorities take action against this fraudulent company. They must be stopped and it is only individuals like you and me who can make this happen. I urge you to do some research and act. Take steps and do not give up.

  2. I just had the same experience. I ordered two chairs on December 7, 2012. Still no furniture 5 months later in May. I called and demanded the chairs be delivered within two weeks or the order cancelled. I received a call back from Charlie who said Infurn would not cancel the order. He said I would get the chairs in mid to late June – over six months after I ordered. I told him I would call Visa and report the fraud if Infurn didn’t refund the charge. He refused, so I just called Visa.

    Don’t order from this firm. It appears to be a fraud.

  3. Unfortunately only in german language but copy in google translate for your own language. more information on:
    European Consumer Centre or Consumer Centre in your countries may help you. As online Consumer you also have the right to cancel contact until 2 weeks after delivery. Their terms & cond are not valid and they cant charge termination fee. My tip cancel order via email with infurn customer centre. Then ask your Bank to rebook paid amount and inform your bank with Info below or directly contact European Consumer Centers. There also should be a Lot of proof about infurn scam in the Internet in your Language that can Support your rebooking request with your Bank. Good luck.

    Sie wollen bei ‘’ bestellen? – Hier drei Dinge, die Sie wissen sollten:

    Verbraucherschuetzern ist ‘’ bestens bekannt. Es geht immer wieder um nicht gelieferte Moebel und nicht zurueck gezahltes Geld.
    Was ‘‘ verschweigt: Online-Shops ist es verboten, Nachbauten von urheberrechtlich geschuetzten Designmoebeln direkt an deutsche Online-Kunden zu verkaufen und nach Deutschland zu liefern. Die Verantwortlichen der Shops riskieren Geldstrafen über mehrere hundertausend Euro und Haftstrafen, selbst wenn sie in England sitzen.
    Das gilt nicht nur fuer ‘’, sondern fuer alle europaeischen Online-Shops, die Designermoebel-Nachbauten anbieten. – Die Firmen betreiben laut EuGH Urteil vom 21.06.2012 eine “gewerbsmäßige unerlaubte Verwertung urheberrechtlich geschützter Werke” (s. dazu EuGH-Urteil vom 21.06.2012).
    Der Zoll ist berechtigt, Plagiate an der Grenze einzubehalten und zu zerstoeren. – Innerhalb Europas wird allerdings nicht mehr kontrolliert.
    Sie haben bereits bei ‘’ bestellt und warten seit Monaten auf eine Reaktion? – Hier drei Dinge, die Sie wissen sollten:

    Verlassen Sie sich nicht darauf, dass der Kunden-Service von ‘‘ Ihnen weiterhilft. Kundenerfahrungen zeigen, dass es oft darum geht, den Kunden hinzuhalten. – Viele Betroffene, die dagegen juristisch Druck ausgeuebt oder eine Anzeige bei der Polizei wegen moeglichen Betrugs gemacht haben, bekamen ihr Geld zurueck. Auch Kunden, die mit Medien zusammengearbeitet haben, hatten Erfolg. Das zeigen ein TV-Beitrag von stern TV, ein Radio-Beitrag vom WDR und ein Artikel der Bild.
    Was auffaellt: Trotz Nachfrage der Medien hat ‘’ den betroffenen Kunden keine Moebel geliefert. Stattdessen wurde ihnen das Geld zurueck gezahlt.
    Wenden Sie sich an das Europaeische Verbraucherzentrum in Ihrem Land. Für Deutschland ist es bspw. das Europaeische Verbraucherzentrum Deutschland (EVD) Die Aussichten sein Geld mithilfe der Verbraucherzentren aussergerichtlich zurueck zu bekommen, sind nach bisherigen Erfahrungen sehr gut: Bisher waren zumindest beim EVD in Kehl alle Schlichtungsversuche mit ‘Designfurn Ltd.’ erfolgreich. Das Verfahren ist für Sie kostenlos und unkompliziert. (So geht´s: Geld zurueck).
    Was auffaellt: Trotz der Nachfrage des EVD wurden den Kunden ebenfalls keine Moebel geliefert. Stattdessen wurde Ihnen das Geld zurueck gezahlt.
    Akzeptieren Sie keine Stornierungsgebuehren: Stornierungsgebuehren beim Online-Shopping widersprechen dem geltenden Widerrufsrecht, so André Schulze-Wethmar, Jurist beim Europaeischen Verbraucherzentrum. Online-Kunden koennen bis 14 Tage nach der Lieferung von einem online vereinbarten Vertrag zuruecktreten, ohne dass Sie dafuer Gebuehren zahlen muessen. Ausnahmen gibt es nur, wenn die Ware fuer den Kunden speziell und nach individuellen Vorgaben angefertigt wurde – etwa bei einer Kuechenarbeitsplatte. Dies trifft jedoch auf den Nachbau von Design-Moebeln nicht zu.

  4. I am infuriated that I was tricked into order a product I believed was already existent, only then to find out it would be at least 6 months till delivery. I immediately tried to cancel my order (within an hour), but I have had no response to my emails and no ‘call back’. Give me strength!

  5. order number au164847 — date: december 1st, 2012 – TOTAL INVOICE AMOUNT 418.60 EURO —AFTER 6 MONTHS NEVER RECEIVED NOTHING !!!! Don’t order from this firm . iT’S A FRAUD!

  6. Same experience guys. I am so angry for not doing my research before ordering from them!!! Keep it up guys, I hope we can stop them somehow!

  7. I ordered from them, only because the chairs I wanted were only available on their website. In spite of my unease about the delivery time and the inability to raise anyone by phone or email. When I wasn’t allowed to use their “$20.00” off promotion while checking out, I tried harder to contact them to no avail. At this point I contacted my credit card company, and because I had requested they cancel my order within 3 days, I am not responsible for any charges. The credit card co. tried to call the phone number (Delaware) associated with the charge, but it had been disconnected. FIVE days later they emailed me promising to send a check for my $20 refund. Stall tactics. PER CREDIT CARD COMPANY: BIG ALARM WHEN A COMPANY PROMISES 8-12 WEEK DELIVERY, THE ALLOWABLE TIME TO DISPUTE ANY CHARGE IS ONLY 60 DAYS!!!! THESE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING.
    I will never order from an “unknown” again without checking the reviews first.

  8. Please take notice that is infringing on INFURN’s intellectual property. This blog is violating INFURN´s intellectual property rights in numerous ways, including, but not limited to, reproduction of content that is protected by copyright owned by INFURN. INFURN respectfully requests that you immediately shut down this site and contact us at to discuss this matter.

      • Agree ! Treat customers with respect and those websites will not be created… Start by refunding my order AU-131045

  9. Read this if you want your money back

    First : wow, they manage to censor the Stop Infurn Facebook group ? crazy…

    Anyway : You’ve been scammed. DO NOT WAIT ANY LONGER.
    I got my money back, here’s how you should proceed.
    First : Do not accept any apologies, further delays, phone calls explaining “there was a problem” and they’ll “escalate the issue”. It’s all lies, these people are here to steal your money and if they can’t steal it, get interests on it for as long as possible.
    It goes as far as they lied to VISA (see below) when I proceed with my complain for fraud. Do not believe them one second.

    So, first you need to ask for reimbursement to Infurn, if you haven’t already. Keep the mail, the date etc, Take screenshots. They tell you 30 working days but you can probably start the next step before, since it’s an obvious scam (check with your bank).
    In any case, you need to have a trace that you complained to Infurn and that you complained to them.

    You can now start with a complain for fraud at your bank. Get all the papers, point to this review site, mention the conditions have not been respected etc.
    You can mention the fraud complain to Infurn but frankly, all they’ll do is to call you and lie (“we’ll reimburse you asap” etc) to try to stop you from pursuing the complain. NEVER STOP THE COMPLAINS TO YOUR BANK AND TO INFURN UNTIL YOU GET YOUR MONEY ON YOUR ACCOUNT.
    Then, they’ll call you and say they have issued the chargeback. They even send me a fake screenshot ! DO NOT THINK YOU GOT REIMBURSED; DO NOT STOP YOUR COMPLAIN WITH YOUR BANK , tell Infurn and the bank you maintain the complains until you get your money back.
    Depending of what credit card you used, the organism in charge of those problems usually have a “next step”, in my case VISA told me I had to wait one more month and if Infurn doesn’t pay me back, they’ll go on with legal proceedings.
    And guess what ? Right as this deadline happened (30 days after), I got reimbursed.
    I called my bank and asked about the “screenshot” of the supposed reimbursement they supposedly did a month and a half before,and they confirmed it was fake.

    So, they lied to me multiple times via mail, on the phone, and they lied to VISA, but by insisting and not trusting them I got my money back.

  10. Hi, I’m a journalist with Channel Four News and am keen to hear about your experiences with, be they positive or negative. Any background info would be hugely appreciated. I am on thanks so much.

    • i think that if you are for real it should not be difficult to get some testimonies of people who have lost money with the web fraud that is INFURN> IF you can accreditate yourself i can definetely tell my story.

  11. Greetings from Norway. I have been fooled by Infurn as well. A lot of Scandinavians has. Someone have to do something!!! What about placed charge against them??

  12. This company is a fraud. Just google the company and you will see how many customers have been duped. It seems like no one ever receives their orders and when asking for a refund: silence at the other end. I have been wating for my order AU-249614 since June 2013.

  13. For all victims of Infurn in the UK I would suggest that you report your experiences to I know that infurn moved out of the UK, but I understand that the local police is still investigating the case to get hold of the mastermind behind the fraud scheme.
    GI – Ventures
    managed by Dennis Hoffmann, Ingo Eigner and Tim Curle
    72 New Cavendish Street
    London, W1G 8AU
    United Kingdom

  14. I was one of the very trusting people that did not check customer reviews before purchasing from this website.

    I have paid 8121.15 SEK for five items and they were so quick to widthraw money in August 2013 however have NOT refunded me as they failed to deliver during the time frame agreed which was in December. It was our disappointment when we had a new flat with missing furniture during Christmas, gladly though that we did not purchased everything on their website! What a disappointment!!! We then immediately asked for a refund in December and we have been ping ponged for the past months by their customer service rep here in Sweden, Helena, who have been ´trying´to coordinate with their Finance department which is apparently based in Germany.

    Come January, we were then told that one of the chairs was already sent from China and so we waited which was then delivered in February. When we opened the box only to find that the Ghost chair was severely scratched and seemed like a second hand product.

    This website is a fraud!!!! I accidentally called Infurn here in Sweden which is ANOTHER company who told me that they have received MANY angry calls for a company that they are not.

    We are already in the process of filing a complaint against Infurn with Consumer Affairs. This business should pay damages to all its consumers who have not received their monies!

  15. Hi
    My review was removed by trustpilot, though it was honest, polite and stuck to the guidelines. Infurn delayed my furniture item for 8 months and promised a refund in December2013 but still no refund and they are not contacting me or acknowledging my emails or calls. I have reported them to my bank, the police fraud service and today I reported them to the ECC (European Complaints Commission).

    • I am a Spaniard concerned with this. I am also the victim of a fraud in the purchase of a lamp from Infurn. I just learned t¡yesterday about this company been a scam and I am starting today with actions,from my bank,from the Consumer authorities and so on. If you are Spanish or know anybody in Spain affected,please do contact me.

  16. I ordered on May 2012 – order AU-131045. I stil did not receive my order nor my refund. I am so chocked by this terrible experience. NEVER BUY from INFURN. It is a total robbery.

  17. There are a lot of people who would like to put these rogues out of business. We will initiate lawsuits and criminal investigations in all countries and hold the employees also responsible personally for being a member of a criminal organisation. It’s time to team up if you are serious about this. Meanwhile has anyone heard of anyone who was satisfied? It’s probably the company themself. Start with reporting this to the police in the country you live.

    • Hi Franke,

      Please let us know how to join in in this group lawsuit. We will be more than happy to reach out to all the Swedish people who will be most happy to join in as well in this lawsuit. Is there any email I can get in touch with?

    • Franke
      i did report them to the postal police and it seems that action is complicated by the fact the company is headquartered in another country. if, as it seems, they are based in the UK it would be good to band up some unsatisfied customers from the uk to initiate legal proceedings. in any case i am willing to participate in any legal action just do not know who is coordinating this..

      • In England there’s a fraud squad who is investigating them. They’re also under investigation in Germany and Holland. Meanwhile they’re supposed to have moved to the US. To get out of the jurisdiction of Europe. But they’ll be persuit there just as well. Their “headquarters”in Spain is just a mailbox in a small street and their “warehouse”is nothing but a telephone line. Most of the staff is based in London. They presumably work under false names. Allthough the number you call may be a swedish or dutch or a spanish number they all lead to the same “office”probably in London. The trick is, my lawyer tells me not to prosecute the owners of the company, but the staff as well and prosecute them personally for being a member of a criminal organisation. In the US this chrage is called racketeering.
        Write to this adress and you’ll get an update.
        Never accept any offers. they will keep your hopes up but never will deliver. Besides if you acccept a partial solution, that gives them another delay and they can charge fines and fees if you reject that later. They are a well trained, highly organized ring of thugs. But they’ll be stopped. It may take time, but it will happen. We’re going for the throat here. Team up!

    • I’m in! I want to take action. We need to be organised are get these criminals behind bars. Its not just the directorsm Many employees must be complicit in this criminal activity. Let’s make them pay for their actions.

  18. Find them on LinkedIn too and write a comment. I also wrote a mail asking for my refund directly to GIVentures, which is the parent company. Same Director/CEO, Dennis Hoffmann. No response yet. I have now filed to take them to small claims court.

    • I contacted GI Ventures and I learned that they invested in, but they do not operate the online shop. In my case Mr. Hoffmann was very helpful, even that he had no influence on himself. I contacted my bank and asked them to do a charge back – I received my money back to my VISA card within 2 weeks. I suggest to do the same, contact your bank and ask for a charge back! Good luck! Tom

      • Finally I got hold of a team member of Infurn. After sending angry mails they agreed to cancel the order. My money would be refunded within a month. Of course this did not happen. Luckily I had mails from Infurn agreeing to cancel the order and asking for my bank account number in order to refund me. I contacted my credit card company and showed the proof. Finally I got my money back.
        Funny thing, a few weeks later I get a mail from Jesica asking me te withdraw or modify my negative comment on Sitejabber since Infurn refunded me the money. What a joke! What a nerve!s

  19. I think the strike off action may not be voluntary. They did not submit accounts, plus, I think their reputation is now well reported, not least by me! I did recover my money at the end of last week. My bank took it directly from their account. Don’t ask me how or why, I’m just so happy and relieved they took that step.

    • I also got my money back through my credit card company. In January Infurn finally contacted me after sending them angry mails and canceling the order. Asif (the contact person in the Netherlands) mailed informing me about the cancellation the order and that I would be reimbursed within 30 days. Of course this did not happen. But I had e-mails to proof all to the credit card company. So happy to have my money back 🙂

  20. When I got my money back I sent Valerie from from their victim pacification department the following email.

    Good evening Valerie,

    I have just checked my account and I can confirm that following an extensive effort on my part to recover the money Infurn stole from me I have received the sum of £278.46 into my bank account today. I must make you aware however that the Notice of Issue that was served at your offices in London on 16th March 2014 includes an issue fee of £25 which is added to the total of my claim. Therefore you may accept this email as receipt for a partial portion of the moneys Infurn owes me and the claim to be only paid in part and continues to be live.

    Furthermore I am writing to advise you that I will be making an additional claim for the distress and inconvenience that the actions of Infurn has caused me. I will base this claim on a conservative estimate of the number of hours I have spent trying to recover my money from your company at at an hourly rate of my present salary. I will argue to the judge that this is fair compensation.

    Annually Salary =£38,900 Hourly rate approximately =£19.94ph @ 10 hours = £199.48

    Following our telephone conversation you will not be surprised to learn that I will continue to press for legal Enforcement action to be taken against your company. I will demand through the relevant authorities that a full civil and criminal investigation is undertaken into your company’s business practices. I shall also continue to expose the practices of your company on web forums however, as you request, I shall acknowledge the fact that I finally obtained my refund. I will ensure that every knows exactly how I achieved this by explaining exacly what I said and did to get my money back in order to advise victims of your company of the steps they need to take to get their own money back.

    Finally, I recall being very complimentary on your ability to manage what must have been a difficult phone call for you yesterday. I’ve done a little more research and I take it all back. Your job is clearly to deal with the really difficult cases. You are at the sharp end of dealing with the fallout of the appalling ‘business’ practiced by your company. You do not deserve my thanks for your part in getting my money out of the thieving hands of your bosses.

    Yours sincerely,

    Kevin Ogilvie-White

    On 17 Mar 2014, at 17:59, Valerie wrote:

    Hello Kevin,

    Further to our telephone conversation this afternoon with regard to your refund
    against order number: AU-374500, and your review on Trustpilot.

    The review was removed as it violated Trustpilot guidelines. However, we admit that your refund was overdue and have addressed the issue by alerting Finance department concerning the outstanding amount.

    This is to confirm that a Bookback refund to your credit card for the amount of :
    gbp 278.46 has been done today, 17.03.2014, and this should show up within the next 1-2 days.

    I know you are still not happy with the situation Kevin, but it would be appreciated that if you are still continuing to post reviews about the Company you should also acknowledge the fact, that despite the wait, you did actually receive your refund,

    If you have any further queries on the matter, please contact us via :

    Kind Regards
    Valerie – Customer Relations Adviser.


  21. This is what happened to me. I did check some of the bad reviews, but I was assured that those problems stemmed from the past, there’s a new management and all would be allright. I ordered for some € 3000,–
    I waited…then my order was delayed, since they had problems with the manufactorer. So instead of end of Feb it would now not arrive before March. Bummer. Then it was pushed back again. I worried. had I been to quick to order, why hadn’t I listened to all the bad comments. To their deffense I must say that they did call me back everytime and were always very polite. So I lulled myself into the comforting believe that everything would work out fine in the end. When it was pushed back even more I decided to contact Spain. I talked to a very kind lady Jesica. (who turned out to be in London and not in Spain). We checked the furniture they had in store and I decided to change my couch and armchair for another colour but at least that one was in stock and would arrive within a week or two, three. How happy I was when I got trackingnumbers the very next day. The numbers directed me to a page where it said that I had to wait 24 hrs since papers were being prepared for shipment. I waited, one day, two days en in the end 14 days and still no change in the status. Again, when I wrote jesica called me back at once, the very same day, assuring me it would all be allright. I lost all faith. And then I got word that the ouch and armchair were actually being delivered. i couldn’t believe it. But it’s true it did get to my house, in good order and…….. in the original colour I had ordered. It looked stunning. It really did. I still think that they have losts of problems with handeling all the stuff that has been ordered. Perhaps the company is a young one and exploded because of it’s succes. They perhaps can’t handle all the sales and are having problems with the delivery (since it’s all from China and ships take weeks and weeks to get here. If something is wrong then it takes at least another month, but as in my case they actually do deliver. It may not be in time but they really do. perhaps this gives some of you hope. I am waiting now for the rest of my money to be returned and Jesica promised me that it being processed and she would keep me in the loop.
    I am not saying they’re not having their difficulties, but they, at least in my case, did call me back everytime and until now delivered part of my goods (I cancelled the rest since it ook too long). When and if I get my money back I will let you know.

    • I believe that they only refund actual cash to its UK customers. Sadly, to the rest of us here in Europe, there seems to be no luck aside from polite calls.

      As we are not a resident of the UK, we are unable to follow steps that were shared by another person here on this forum.

      We did report them to the UK Fraud agency and yes, even the FBI Internet Crime Complaints to ring bells in case they move operations to the US. The Swedish police have informed us that we are the 146th person to report this company and everyone in the Fraud department knows about this fraudulent company. What have they done so far? Nothing unfortunately but direct all of us to the ECC (European Complaints Commission). I contacted the ECC in the UK thinking as the company is based there however they have directed us back to the Swedish branch who on the other hand have not replied.

      The loop of frustration is soon going to run off course for many and I would like to urge everyone to keep on following up, don’t give up!!!!

      • Whist I did get my money back by using all of the steps in my previous post I agree that it must be far more difficult for victims based on the European continent. I will continue to fight to ensue the authorities take legal action against the directors and complicit employees of this company. Don’t give up! Write to your MPs demanding that the British Government takes action. You have to fight to stop these criminals.

      • Whilst I did get my money back by using all of the steps in my previous post I agree that it must be far more difficult for victims based on the European continent. I will continue to fight to ensue the authorities take legal action against the directors and complicit employees of this company. Don’t give up! Write to your MPs demanding that the British Government takes action. You have to fight to stop these criminals.

  22. I just wanted to thank all of you and tell you how sorry I am that you’ve got cheated.
    Thanks to your efforts to inform the public about your experiences with Infurn, I decided not to order from them. I simply haven’t got the time (or money) to wait. And my husband and I were really tempted by their prices and free shipment.
    Even though some customers have got their furniture and some have got their money after unthinkable delays, it still is a fraud. In France, where I currently live, there is a law (Article L121-20-3) that regulates the obligation of a retailer to state clearly the delays and respect them. However, I don’t think that this has helped much to the victims of this particular scam here.

    Good luck to you all and I hope that you’ll get your money back.

  23. Beanbags From Scumbags

    Do not buy anything from this site. Like myself, and almost everybody else who has been allowed to keep their honest and opinion posted here – YOU WILL REGRET IT. It’s actually the number of deleted reviews that tells the true story about this business.

    This is now my 4th attempt to post an honest review – thanks to Trustpilot who are doing a truly excellent job of gagging 40 percent of the people who have made an effort to highlight their concerns about the activities of this company. I have been asked now to elaborate on the ‘customer service’ offered by this company. I have been trying to say that what this company offers IS NOT customer service, it is victim pacification. That is my experience. I experienced being the victim of fraud. I experienced their customer service tactics which amounts to nothing more then providing excuses for delaying my refund and holding on to my money. I got it back by taking legal action. That is what all these other people are experiencing. That is what all the people who buy from this company will experience . That is my review. Now please publish it.

    • WARNING DO NOT BUY This company does NOT exist …….

      yes yet another victim here, we bought a sofa £935 back in November 2013, several email later with yet another delay!!!!!!! ( 4 in total ) promise of a £100 bonus to spend due to delay. also a scam…Long story short the sofa never arrived and we have taken legal action against this company to get our money back .

  24. Does your website have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it
    but, I’d like to shoot you an e-mail. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing.
    Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it develop over time.

    • Hey a couple of weeks ago I found their London office address and went there after work around 5pm, I luckily arrived just as someone was leaving so didn’t need to be buzzed in. The building is a big block with a Talk Talk logo on it on Broadwick Street near Soho. It has no buzzer for Infurn so I was a bit stuck until someone leaving opened the door for me to slip in. The security guard pretended he didn’t know about Infurn until i kept bugging him, asking if the name had changed. He pointed me to another guy who was leaving and he helpfully took me in the lift to Infurn asking who I was there to see, I blagged it and said I was there to speak to a manager.

      Upon entering the office everyone was leaving and there seemed to be no reception to report to(maybe receptionist had left) and everyone seemed confused as to why I was there(I was dressed in my construction work gear) I located two seated guys who still seemed to be working and explained my problem(table delayed then cancelled and refund requested but 7 months later no refund had appeared) They seemed helpful but also looked worried and were keen to get me outside the office to talk but I refused to leave. Then some mouthy woman stormed over and tried to kick me out saying the was just an office and I should be dealing with customer service. I loudly explained back that they had none, emails never get answered, calls never get answered and booked call backs never happen. She stormed off to get the security guard.

      The two helpful guys took my details, asked how much I was owed, £220 – this amount seemed to be a pittance to them and meant I would definitely get it back. They took my details and assured me I would be refunded by the end of next week. They kept asking me to trust them but were reluctant to give me their names or contact details. I eventually left telling them I’d be back if the money didn’t appear but surprisingly it did! I can’t help thinking that was down to a lot of luck and a bit of intimidation but I wonder if I would have been refunded if I was owed £2000 instead of £200.

      Hope that is helpful!

      • Go Kris Go! This is the best update I have read so far. Well done. Can I suggest you submit a money claim online to get compensation for your inconvenience and distress. I have done the same and the notice of issue has been served after a judge decided the claim should be served. It will be interesting to see how things pan out. For me if I win, I hope to start an avalanche of claims beyond the simple repayment victims get when they file a small claim to get their money back.

      • hello guys and girls who were the victims of INFURN. just to say that after many emails end sending over the claim i made to the italian tax police i did get my money refunded, two years later, no interest but i am glad i do not have to deal with the scammers any longer. i think of all these people who do not have the patience or the time to pursue them so actively.

          Rossana Berardinelli 

        Cell. +39 348 5310979

  25. Beware!
    All the Infurn customers will NEVER receive the products, this scam company also owe to their suppliers money and transport companies won’t ship to them. Call your lawyers. They are winding up all the parent companies! Do it now or you could lose all your money.

      • Middle March. Part of the furniture. The rest I cancelled. I got refunded less then two week later. I couldn’t believe it since I had given up all hope. When I heard the couch and chaur were in Alicante close by me I even drove down there to check if it was realy true. But it was true allright. The money came back some two-three weeks later, before the deadline of one month even. I guess I was very lucky to have Jessica taking care of me. She was, I must say, very helpfull all the time. I hope you all will get either you money back or your furniture in. It’s horrible that you have to wait so long and doubt about the outcome. That’s really horrible.

  26. Thanks to everybody, I’ve not caught by their fraud-web!
    I’m from Italy, just this morning I found some interesting sales by INFURN on theri site (very well done), but I was not completely quiet: I did anyway my order (about 700 euros) but not completed it with the payment. The order was registered by INFURN, and I received an email by them with the registration number. After that I search on google “infurn fraud” and I’ve find your site and many others sites about this theme.
    GO AWAY FROM INFURN it’s my advice…!
    I hope sooner they will be stopped!

    per utenti di lingua italiana: INFURN è una frode, NON COMPRATE!

  27. I m from Portugal and i and some friends make some buys at infurn. We waited almosta 9 months for our produts and finally we snd email to refund our Money. Now they dont answer and dont reply to our calls.
    What we can do? the company is from Madrid and we are thinking to go over there and make som things.

  28. Ordered a chair june 2013
    Chair was delayed several times and was lost in december
    Still no money back

  29. Please get me involved in chasing up refunds for all of us, and by stopping this disgusting group of people immediately!!!
    I’m incensed by their bare faced cheek, and am horrified that they can continue to advertise their scam on the internet. Why have they not been stopped before?!
    I foolishly paid for a lamp in Aug 2013, you know the rest… Never arrived, delivery dates keep getting pushed further and further back, refund promised within 30 days etc… I haven’t lost a huge amount of money but I’m still furious that they can get away with this!
    Whoever is coordinating an attack on Infurn, please let me know and I will be delighted to help you bring the scum down.

  30. I need to just add something to my rant of yesterday!
    After I posted here I went straight to and filed a complaint.
    I’ve received an email reply today which includes a crime reference number and also stated that:

    “It is not possible for the police to investigate every report they receive and you will only hear from them now if they are able to progress the investigation further. You should keep safe any evidence which you feel may be of interest.”

    I would urge those of you in the UK to file a complaint and then maybe the fraud police will take action if they keep seeing the name Infurn being reported time and time again.

    Go on folks! Let’s try and get out money back and stop them ripping off more innocent people!!!

    • Hello Annoyed,
      I entirely agree with you. I have got my money back after taking legal action but I can not accept that this company can be allowed to continue trading and ripping off thousands of customers. Something has to be done. I taken the usual steps (see my post here or my profile on Trustpilot or Facebook) but I am also trying to cause maximum inconvenience and disruption by posting on every forum I can find. It is in the public interest to ensure that consumers know how this company operates so I post on Infurn’s IinkedIn page and their Instagram profile. Also I don’t give a toss about anonymity as everything I say is fair comment. More people need to take steps to stop these scamming criminal fraudsters.

      Kevin Ogilvie-White

      • Hi Tenacious (and all other posters on this forum!)
        I simply cannot believe that this is happening and not one ‘authority’ has stopped these fraudsters operating.
        I want my money back and to be part of something that brings these people down. If I can’t get my money back then at least I want to cause maximum inconvenience to them, and spread the word so hopefully less people will fall victim to them.
        I’ve already reported them to Action Fraud Police UK and it would be my pleasure to be as much as a nuisance to Infurn as possible. Please all do the same!
        Could you let me know what address you used to file a claim? There is no UK address on their website, I would like to put a claim in ASAP.
        Let’s get BBC Watchdog on the case too! I’ve just been watching and am now fired up to (hopefully soon) see Infurn on there getting the Anne Robinson beat down.
        Let’s all use our collective power to do something about this!

  31. Action Against Infurn
    Read this Urgent Message
    According to a recent post on FB by Guy Hervé a Paris law firm is urgently seeking to talk to customers who think they were scammed by Infurn. The email contact details have been posted on this site before: The company is a well known firm called:
    Margulis Law Partners. 156 Rivoli Street, Paris 75001. Tel 01 55 35 95 35. Fax 01 5535 95 30. The contact dealing with enquiries is Dimitri Pincent on extension 1850.

    It is now apparent that a number of clients have commissioned this firm to take action against Infurn. The firm has confirmed that they will be filing an official complaint with the Parquet de Paris (The Public Prosecutor) on Tuesday 10th June. They urgently need more people to contact them. They have also asked that this request be translated in to different languages and posted on as many complaint forums as possible.

    Even though I did eventually receive my refund I will be sending any correspondence I had with Infurn to them as this may support their own case.

    I encourage anyone who has been affected by Infurn to contact this law firm.

      • Try to contact them tomorrow if you can. For recent updates check the Infurn page on Facebook.

    • Is beggars belief that trading standards are so toothless now that these people can just go set up another business. I think it is very telling that they have no contact telephone number on their website!

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